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EMF Resources

Interesting Resources

Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates – Norm Alster – 2015

If you have ever wondered “If EMF’s are bad for us the government wouldn’t allow them be used.”  You should read this 2015 Harvard University ethics study on the FCC and how it has been captured by the very industry it is supposed to be regulating.

A New Era of Chronic Disease in America – Richard Lear – 2017 (PDF)

This is a great overview for non scientists on the health of our country, discussing the factors that science believes are contributing to our epidemic of chronic disease – over 50% of our population has AT LEAST 1 chronic disease.

New Study Finds Risks of Non-ionizing Radiation – Heinsinger & Wilke – 2016 (PDF)

Good summary of science from all over the world on effects of EMF on organ systems – well documented and cited

Wi-fi as a Very Substantial Threat to Human Health – Martin Pall – 2017 (PDF)

Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University presents the reasons on why Wi-Fi poses a significant threat to our individual and collective health.

5G What You Don’t Know May Kill You – Reinette Senum – 2017

A former cellular tech early adopter and cell phone store owner writes about 5G as an untested technology being deployed across our country, with no government oversight, no transparency, no public input, no regulations, and no long-term studies on health and environmental impacts.

Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields Increases Asthma – Multiple Authors – 2011

Kaiser-Permanente study published by AMA shows a direct correlation of the strength of magnetic fields and increases in asthma of offspring. 1 mG = 15% increase, 2 mG = 30% increase, 3 mG = 45% increase….

Interesting Links

Link to a new organization called ‘Physicians for Safe Technology’ They address the health effects of Digital Technology and have extensive resources for medical professionals and patients – Great site!

Link to Kaiser-Permanente study of the link between magnetic fields and miscarriages

Link to all peer reviewed science on EMF’s.

Link to information on WiFi in schools.

Link to bioinitiative report on wireless technologies and childhood development.

New studies show health risks from wireless tech.

Link to information on dangers of fluoride.